The Traverso Project

About The Traverso Project

My interest in Baroque flute began when I was just starting my undergraduate music degree at age 18. Attempting to learn the Sonata in G Major by G.F. Handel for the first time, I came across a recording of Barthold Kuijken performing it not on a modern Boehm flute, but on the traverso, and I was absolutely captured by the sound. So, I rented a plastic flute from the music department at my university and set off to try and learn to play. I quickly found, however, that there was no place where all the available information was presented in a concise, efficient way. All of the scholarly websites and books seemed to be geared towards people who were already involved in making early music, which made learning the traverso seem unattainable, so I gave up.

Fast forward to autumn of 2015, the Greenwich Early Music Festival. After having done a bit of research, I found myself at the booth of Martin Wenner, a traverso maker in Germany. We chatted a bit, and next thing I knew, I was the proud owner of a new ebony wood baroque flute. I restarted my search for a resource to help me quickly and easily learn the basics of traverso, and again, came up short. After several days of poring through books and unappealing scholarly WordPress sites, I decided I’d make my own website: and thus, The Traverso Project was born. It would be a one-stop shop website geared towards classically trained flautists picking up a traverso for the first time, and would contain the information that I deemed most helpful in learning the instrument.

My goal is not to take the place of proper lessons with a teacher, but rather, to provide you with the building blocks of playing the traverso, and inspire you to seek out further instruction so you can play Baroque music as it was meant to be performed.

About Haley

Having recently been transplanted from rural Missouri to the UK, Haley Barclay is a flautist currently studying with Margaret Campbell at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. She has participated in master classes with esteemed musicians such as Sir James Galway, Jasmine Choi, Jeanne Baxtresser, Emily Beynon, and Andreas Alin. Haley has performed as a soloist with the Liberty Symphony Orchestra and the St. Louis Civic Orchestra, but she’s happiest when seated within a flute section. She has been a member of the Liberty Symphony Orchestra, Northland Symphony, St. Louis Civic Orchestra, East Anglia Chamber Orchestra, New Cambridge Players, and Collegium Laureatum. Haley is currently finishing up her MMus degree, working on opening up her flute studio, and preparing to audition for anything and everything. She lives outside of Cambridge with her husband and their cat.